Snap!with some extensions, a modification of Jens Moenigs great implementation of snap! on snap.berkeley.edu/snapsource/snap.html.

by Eckart Modrow


SQLsnap is a modification of Jens Moenigs great snap!-beta-sourcecode from December 2013. I added some extensions to fit snap! a bit better to the German CS-curriculum for schools. SQLsnap is meant as a toolbox, not as an interface to mySQL. If you need this, better use phpMyAdmin or other tools. SQLsnap has some new features to expand the creativity of snap! by subjects like databases, SQL and image processing. The combination of databases and image-processing should open new chances to let students build applications with topics of social relevance.

Warning: SQLsnap is still on test!

SQLsnap can be found on http://http://snapextensions.uni-goettingen.de/sqlsnap.html.

User “snapexuser” (read-only) with password “snap!user” is listed on the connection-block.

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SQLsnap! example "Supermarket"

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